Friday, August 27, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 54 (Red Handed)

Day 54 (August 27th, 2010)
Title: Red Handed

The old cliche goes: "Caught red handed!"... Since I haven't been caught yet (not that I'm saying I did anything!), I thought it might be kind of fun to show off that red hand! 

This is another "painting with light" trick that I started last night.  I just held my hand in-front of the lens, pressed the shutter and then "drew" on my hand/fingers with the laser.  I did a couple of them, but I think this one came out the best.  It reminds me of the song "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.  A bit morose and dark, but its got a nice beat!  (If you would like to hear it, its at youtube:


Bonus Picture!

I took the shot from yesterday, played around with it a bit in good ol' Photoshop and made this (my new Twitter background!)  I kinda like it!  Reminds me of viruses or something nifty!

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