Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 42 (Wave Crash)

Day 42 (August 14th, 2010)
Title: Wave Crash

This is my third in a small group of wave shots.  I liked this shot, because it shows all the stages of the wave in action.  Starting from the left, you have the apex, then is starts to crest (little whitecaps are forming), the "spill" as is begins flowing down, and finally the "crash" (or impact) as the wave hits and the "foam" sprays out. 

Ps: Sorry for the delay in getting this picture up.  Was up waaaaay to late playing games and was in a game-induced coma till like 11am.  Today's photo will still be coming!... at least, as soon as I take it, it will be!

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