Thursday, October 30, 2014

The First Art Quest - Real Magic Deck

The First Art Quest

Over the last two years I've been attending a lot of Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix events (basically a large 3-day gaming convention for those of you don’t know/play M:tG).  As much fun as I have playing main event (even made day 2 a couple of times), I really enjoy a lot of the “side action” stuff – such as browsing the dealer tables, playing casual and side events, and chatting with the artist (of course)!  Many times I've considered purchasing art from these incredibly talented folks, but I never really “pulled the trigger”, mostly because I really didn't have a way to transport the work home – I really don’t trust airlines.  So, for the last few months I began to think of some sort of way I could not only help support these artist (even if just a little), but actually get an awesome piece of art.  

At first, I thought “prints”, but I’d have to roll them and they would have to be small enough to fit in the carry-on luggage.  I’d have to frame and mount each as well, and I have a bit of a limited wall space for that kind of display.  

Secondly, I though “alters” (“alters” are basically cards from Magic: the Gathering that the artist will alter for you – such as altering a card of a giant demon into a picture of Bill Nye, the Science Guy (I've never seen this, but that would be awesome!)).  Alters certainly remove the transportation restriction because I can basically put them into a card box/binder.  The problem is, I like card alters, I just don't love them.  Once it’s been altered I’d never play with the card again and it, in my opinion, becomes more of an art piece.  And while I've seen some EPIC awesome alters, I still feel it’s just a Magic card.  I really wanted something more than just a Magic card to collect – something more “me”.  

Then it hit me, as inspiration is wont to do, that there is a way to totally have “me” in an art quest!  It needs to hit all of these bullets:
1. I love games
2. I love art with character and uniqueness
3. I love cards
4. I love things with a story/history

With those criteria, I know exactly what I wanted to do – A “Real Magic Deck”.  My quest is to commission as many Magic artist as I have the ability to meet over the next few Grand Prix’s and have each of them create 2 playing cards using some of their more famous art as a guideline.  For example, I requested Steve Argyle create Chandra as the Queen of Hearts and Liliana as the Queen of Spades.  I will also commission four jokers to make a complete deck of 56 cards (2-10, J, Q, K, A of each suit and each suit will get a joker).  I was able to acquire some professional playing cards that were un-printed on the face, but they still have the regular playing-card back, so in theory I could play a game of poker with these – but that is never going to happen! 

I've already designed the framing and mounting for the entire deck (four rows, one for each suit and joker).  When complete, it should measure approximately 3’ by 5’.  

I will be posting pictures of the cards that I currently have and the remaining as I acquire them!  

The Quest Begins!

Anthony Francisco

Christopher Rush

James Paick

Jung Park

Karla Ortiz

Lucas Graciano

RK Post

Steve Argyle

Thomas Baxa

Tyler Jacobson

Wesley Burt

Yeong-Hao Han