Monday, August 29, 2011

Project 50 - Week 5 - Oh Deer

Project 50 - Week 5
Concept - Oh Deer

After living on the 18th story for nearly a year-and-a-half, I decided in the last week before moving that I would try and photograph some of the wild deer that call the Albany Hills their home.  Normally you can hear the deer romping around but when you look for them, you can't see hide nor hair of them.  There is one spot in the hills that isn't as overgrown and the trees not so dense, so I decided to setup the camera aimed for that spot see what action would happen!

The first event that really surprised me was when two young bucks started "fighting" each other.  You heard this loud "crack" and they jousted each other with their antlers.  At first I thought they were really out to hurt each other, but after a few minutes, they just stopped and started eating and then just walked off (that's teenagers for ya!)

The second event, a few days later, was of a mom and her two babies.  They were just walking around, and the mother deer kept "attacking" the two kids with 'Deer Hugs' and trying to keep them in order (again, that's mothers for ya!)

And for those of you who don't like deer photos, I've included a special photo just for you at the end!




And if you don't like deer photos, I got one thing to say to ya...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 5 Bonus - Marty Stouffer’s Wild America

As a prelude to my upcoming deer photos, I thought I would first share with you photos of the rarest and most dangerous animal in all the Western hemisphere.  Perhaps you are thinking; Bigfoot? Total hippy.  Rabid wolverine? Pansy. Chupacabra? Wimp.  Duck-billed platypus? Well, close, but not quite… It’s the…

…wait for it…

…tension is building…

It's the Wild Sandwich Wolf!

Yeah, I was confused as well. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 5 - Concept

Week 5 - Concept

As I was packing up all of our stuff, I decided to take a break and sit out on the balcony, something that I rarely did, but I figured "now's a good as time as any!".  While sitting there, looking over the Albany hills, I started noticing a lot of deer (and a few other animals) and I decided each day while packing, I'd take a break and try and photograph them.  I think I got pretty lucky with some of the shots (while not the best shots, the fact that I got them at all is what impressed me). 


Move Complete - I have returned!

Well, it has been nearly 3 weeks since my last update – sorry for the crazy-long delay – but our move is finally (mostly) over!  Over the last 3 weeks I’ve packed and unpacked over 200 boxes, gone through like 15 boxes of Costco disinfectant wipes, and realized that one can REALLY stuff a lot of junk into a closet.  Honestly, you really don’t know how much junk you have until you have to move it all! 
After finally unpacking the boxes with all my photo stuff, I’m able to continue with my weekly projects!  Woo!  The good news, I had taken photos for the next two projects and now I just need to edit them and I should be getting caught up! 
Before I go and post my Week 5 project, I wanted to bring up a few other nifty photo-related items:
·         The editors of PhotoShop User magazine (a great PS / photography mag) have released their first all-digital magazine called “Light It” for Apple iPad (available on iTunes, just search for Light It Magazine).  The first issue is free, so double bonus! 
·         For those folks in the San Francisco/Berkeley area in early October (the 1st and 2nd specifically), I’d highly recommend attending of the many World Wide Photo Walks.  For more information on the WWPW, visit:  I believe there are 3 planned in San Fran and 2 in Berkeley.  It’s a fun few hours walking around with other photographers taking shots of the city and there are even free prizes to win, so how can you say no!?
·         Lastly, I just wanted to mention a new service that I will soon be offering; custom framing.  Many of you already know that I offer custom mat-boarding of photos and art, but one of the problems has always been finding appropriate sized frames (at reasonable prices).  So, I thought I’d try and use some of my carpentry skills from long ago and make frames as well.  I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be offering this service, mostly because I first have to get the equipment and setup everything – but once I do have everything setup, I’ll be offering a few free frames, so I can practice.  At this point, the only missing element to the entire “framing” experience will be having custom cut glass.  I’m going to start by using plastic and see how well that works before attempting glass. 
I’m glad to be back and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming photos!