Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project 50 - Week 14 - Cookie Time!

Project 50 - Week 14
Title: Cookie Time!

Well, I finally had a free Saturday and I decided that one of things I needed to do today was take some pictures!  Course, the problem was, since it was a "free" Saturday, I decided I needed to create a giant list of things that I needed to do (of which, I've gotten nearly nothing done so far, except "Create 'Free Saturday To-Do' List".  Doh.)  One of the items on the list, that was critical to do (mostly because my wife comes home tomorrow and if isn't done, I'm going to be sleeping outside on the lawn) is wash all of the dishes.  Now clearly, when I say "wash all the dishes", the first step is of course, getting them all dirty by making cookies.  Which I did.  A lot.

As soon as I started getting my "Mize En Place" (that's French for: Soon your kitchen will be a total disaster and you will wonder why you didn't just go to the store and by a box of Pop-Tarts - the French language is strange), I realized it might be kinda fun to take some macro shots of the cookie-making process!  Mostly I thought this because I needed a better justification for making the kitchen a mess making cookies than: I wanted to get every dish dirty before having to wash anything.  And a photo project is always a good reason!

These aren't exactly the best shots, mostly because I didn't really do any setup specifically for taking the pictures (lights, reflectors, etc).  Strangely our kitchen isn't setup with high-powered photography lights (lame!), but I think some of them came out interestingly.  The flour shots were, to put it plainly, very boring.  I mean, it's white dust!  Not very photogenic.  So, I played around with them a bit in photoshop to make them "pop" a bit more.

Enjoy!  And please don't lick your monitor.