Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 50 - Week 9 - House Warming Bouquet

Project 50 - Week 9
Concept: House Warming Bouquet

 I have completed my first "studio lighting method" project and I have to say, I really enjoyed the results.  In a nutshell, when taking photos, normally you have three main elements: the camera, the subject, and the lighting.  Normally the lighting (and subject generally) is the static, non-changing, element and the camera is dynamic, constantly changing element.  In a studio setting, these rolls are reversed, you set the camera to the settings you want and constantly change the lighting to make the best exposure.  It's quite a different method of working, but I have to say a lot of fun!  Now I understand why studio lights are so expensive - you can control their output (brightness) to an extreme degree.  The flashes I was using went from "Full Power" to "1/128th" power (really low!) 

Even if you don't have studio lights, next time you get the chance try and set your camera to Manuel and move the light sources back-and-forth to your subject to get the correct exposure.


Bonus - Here is another version of the photo I posted yesterday, only this one is silver/gray tinted (rather than the brown/warm tint). 

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