Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project 50 - Week 8 - Concept

Project 50 – Week 8
Concept: Beach Flowers
Just a quick aside, for those who know what's being going on - looks like things are calming down, everyone is home from the hospital and healing well and life is returning somewhat to normal now.  For those who don't know, life has been tricky for the last month (it's a long story involving much time spent at hospitals and generally un-fun stuff).  But, as mentioned above things are starting to calm down and I can once again dedicate a few brain cells to art and photography!  Woo! 

For this weeks project, I'm doing some photos of flowers I got while in Santa Cruz. 
No specific reason on why I shot these photos, sometimes you just have to take pictures of flowers!  It's just one of those "photo" things.  That, and I like flowers.  
As a bonus, here are two shots that I took with my 6mm fisheye lens.  This is a tricky lens, only because everything on it is completely manual.  Focus, depth of field, correct settings - these are all "good concepts" when using a fisheye, but not aspects that I have mastered yet!  


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