Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Proejct 50 - Week 12 - Concept

Project 50 - Week 12
Concept: Broken Clock

This week, I'm continuing with my "Steampunk" theme, but changing is slightly.  Last week photos were macro/abstract shots of small pocket watches, in one piece.  This week, I'm shooting even more abstract by only taking photos of the individual watch parts (cogs, gears, springs, etc).  I'm not sure if having the parts in context of the watch will be better or worse than just having them separate. 

One thing that makes this pictures so tricky, is the scale of how small these parts are (see photos).  The whole watch is about the size of a quarter and there are 40-50 parts inside that watch!  The gears and cogs are only about 5-8mm (some are as small as 2-3mm)!  Because of how small they are, even using a macro lens (such as a 1:1 ratio) they don't appear that large.  I've had to tinker together components to get a higher-powered macro.  Last week I tried using a 2x and 4x ring filter adapter on my 100mm macro lens, and while they magnification was better, the photos were blurry and had a nearly non-existent depth of field.  For this weeks project, I'm going to try a different method, using extension tubes rather than magnification filters.


Ps: Here are some shots to show the scale of what I've been working with.

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