Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Project 50 - Week 11 - Concept

Project 50 - Week 11
Concept: Tick-Tock

For this week (and perhaps next), I'm working on some Steampunk art pieces (Steampunk is a sci-fi genre based on extraordinary steam-powered devices, based during the Victorian times - Think Jules Verne or Will Smith movie, Wild, Wild West).  I am working on two (although, I guess you could say three/four with fact I'm photographing all of it for my next for Project 50's) projects related to SP, the first is a Deco Book and the second is a mixed media piece (acrylic paint, metal, plastic and paper).  To start both projects off, I needed to collect a lot of gears and cogs and the best place to do that is clocks! 

I've been finding watches and clocks at all kinds of places and basically destroying reclaiming them for their parts.  I decided some of the smaller watches would make for some great macro shots before they became "bits".  So, for this week's project I'm showing the internal "bits" of some really old watches that I came across.  One thing to remember when looking at the photos - most of these gears and cogs are 1/8th an inch or smaller.  It's amazing how they made these devices (and also amazing how quickly I can now rip them apart!)


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