Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 68 (City By The Bay (Bridge))

Day 68 (September 10th, 2010)
Title: City By The Bay (Bridge)

Another night shot of the Bay Bridge and San Francisco.   I did nearly kill a security guard to get this picture, to whom I would like to apologize.  Sorry for taking 5 years off, but, at least they were the last 5, so you'll never miss them!  To get this shot, I went out to the fire escape with tripod and gear.  I was out there for a bit, shooting away, not worried about anyone else coming out there because its the fire escape!  What I didn't know it the security guards in the building have to check the escape as part of their hourly sweep.  She opened the door, expected to see nothing but a nice view and continue on with her nightly tasks.  Instead, she opens the door, sees me in the darkness, with a tripod, light meter, camera bag, lenses, and other things laying around.  At that point, she decided that either a) I was a sniper about to take someone out or b) crazy stalker. 

Either way, she decided the best way to react was to scream like a 5-year-old who just watched "The Best of Animal Vivisections!"... in High-Def. She was slightly upset. After convincing her that I was neither a killer or stalker, but instead a crazy photographer (which, I not sure was much higher on her list than stalker) she decided not to beat me with her "Officially Issued Security Beating Baton".  I thanked her, confirmed with her that, yes, a nice bottle or two of wine would be good when she gets home, and finally got a nice shot of the Bay Bridge heading into San Francisco.

As for the technical parts of this photo, here you go:
f/5.6 @ 2.5 seconds (via tripod) - 300mm (ISO 800)

Its a bit of a fuzzier picture than I had intentional wanted, but after looking at it for a while I kind of like that "haze" effect.  That's basically how SF looks most of the time anyways. 


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  1. Please build an inventory - sell some of these great pictures! You have amazing work! Don't every forget that!!!!!!!!!!!