Friday, September 24, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 79 (Bus 7040)

Day 79 (September 21th, 2010)
Title: Bus 7040

San Francisco Muni buses scare me.  First of all, the concept of actual driving rules or laws to a Muni driver is laughable. Stop lights, pedestrians, other cars, land mines, and sidewalks are more of targets than obstacles.  Sometimes they are nice enough to actually slow down near the stop you requested so that way you can jump out and "tuck and roll".  I got this picture from an interesting angle (on the 9th floor of an office building), and that's when I noticed the number on top.  At first, I thought normal, friendly thoughts like: Oh, perhaps that's an identification number that is used to help track the bus and assist riders in knowing when the bus might be arriving at a stop.  Or perhaps its so helicopters can locate a bus, in case of an emergency.  Sadly, it is neither of those things.  Instead, I realized that's the bus's "hit" score for the day.  Perhaps 1000 points per person, 250 for a biker, 100 for a parked car, 10 points for a pet... Who knows.  Did I mention I didn't like Muni buses? 

That and I'm annoyed that they keep raising the rates! 

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