Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo 365 - Day 175 (String Bored)

Day 175 (December 25th, 2010)
Title: String Bored

Continuing with my exploration of modern art, after yesterdays Giant Whisk, I found this... thing.  As I've mentioned in the past, normally I'm not one for modern art, and this piece is kind of why I'm not really a fan.  Its a board.  With string on it.  The string, which is multi-colored, is hanging down.  That's it.  String.  Board.  I have no problem with folks making stuff like this, quite the contrary, I do silly things like this all the time (in my attempt to make things to take macro photos), but I would never be so egotistical to call it modern art and place it in the center of a museum.  Its a board with string on it!  Perhaps it has some deeper, metaphysical meaning that I just can't see, something that would explain the universe, perhaps prove God exist, or just explain String Theory (pun!), but really, it me is just a board with string on it! 

Perhaps their art is related to cat toys.  Who knows. 


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