Friday, February 18, 2011

I've been released from Carbonite!

Wow, I didn't realize how long its been since I've made a post!  For those of you who though I was abducted by alien waffles, fear not, for I have in fact, NOT been abducted by any pastry goods! (Besides, I never leave my house without defensive syrup, for just such an occasion). 

Basically, I've been a busy bee these last few weeks trying to get some non-blog related stuff done.  First, I've updated the official website (, now with 347% more snazzy!  The problem with updating the site was, I had no idea HOW to update the site.  We are good now.  Second, I'm nearly done (really) editing all of my wedding photos!  Yes, I know we were married over 9 years ago.  Yes, I know I said I'd have them done in a few weeks... 9 years ago.  But, to be honest, we had a LOT of photos.  No, I mean, a lot.  More than that.  Even more.  I believe we had about 20,000 photos that I had to sort through and organize (btw: all of our friends who took photos for us, you all rock and I'm blaming you that I'm so late).  Third, me and the camera had a bit of a "spat", but we got counseling and are now back together! 

What this means is, I'm about to attack everyone with a horde of photos so I can catch back up (Really!  This isn't like the 'Wedding Photo' thing!  Honest!).

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Let the photo-spam begin!

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