Thursday, January 22, 2015

97 Days - Basel Paper Museum (Switzerland)

Basler Papiermuhle (Paper Museum) 
Euro Trip, 2014, Part 1

Today is my first photo project for 100 Days of Me!  We recently got back from Europe and rather than waiting 2-3 years before I get around to actually editing pictures, I thought I'd actually do them in a somewhat reasonable amount of time!

As to not cause my brain to explode trying to edit them all (near 6,000 total shots), I've broken it up into small chunks.  Now you get to experience some of the fun we had traveling in Switzerland and France!  

Our first stop is at one of the coolest places we've ever been!  It's the Basler Papiermuhle (the Paper Museum); it's both a paper and printing museum and a working print shop!  They still make paper by hand and use awesome antique printing machines (and techniques, such as marbling paper!).  We spent over two hours running around acting like 7-year-old's at a toy store.  Theresa got to actually make paper, run a small printing press and marble paper!  

If you just happen to be hanging out in Basel, Switzerland, you should absolutely go visit!  


(If you prefer to view them on Flickr, you can do so here)

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