Monday, January 26, 2015

94 Days - My Friend Math

My Friend Math

I realize that today's update is actually a day late, but I wanted to have all my numbers "crunched" before posting.  Today is the 7th day of my 100 Days project and I decided to look at some of the numbers from this first week.  I'm not planning on doing this every week, but a few times throughout the project.  I thought it would be fun and informative to see what objective data I could get from this week.  While I have numbers and information, I would be hard-pressed to try and interpret it to mean anything other than I really enjoy math and statistical data.

Current Days: 7
Blog Posts: 7
Facebook Posts; 7
Tweets: 7

Blog Views: 239

*This really surprises me - I mean, I'm glad folks are reading this, but I had no idea that many people were reading my randomness.

Photos Posted: 32
Flickr Views: 464

Photos Taken: 33 (unposted)

Dinner Cooked: 4

Board Games Played: 7

Paintings Started: 2
Paintings Completed: 0
Hours Painting: 4.5

Hours Typing: 9

Those are all of the metrics that I've been tracking so far, but I'm sure I will think of more random things about this little journey to quantify!

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