Wednesday, January 21, 2015

98 Days - Awesome People are Awesome

Awesome People

There are times when I meet people for the first time in a social environment, such as a poker night or a friends cocktail party and I ask them: "What do you do?" and they answer "Oh, I'm a singer" or "I'm an actor/actress".  I think that's pretty awesome - I sound like a drowning cat if I try and sing and I don't think I could act my way out of a wet paper bag.  I file that information away in my head and it sits there quietly, saying "Yep, that's a singer."  It never says "OMG! You totally know famous person who sings the awesomeness!!!".  I think this is because when I'm playing cards with folks, or chilling having cocktails, or otherwise just socializing with folks, they don't normally bust out singing (or acting) and show off how awesome they are.

Tonight was different.  Tonight I got to see the awesome - and a lot of it!  I went to a show tonight and got to see some good friends of mine, who I knew were singers/actors but never really got to experienced their awesomeness before.  They blew the house down.  I was so excited to not only get to hear them sing, but to really understand that they aren't just singers, but Singers (big capital "S"!).

Being in the presence of someone who is an expert at their craft is always such a joy.  I want to thank my friends for letting me be a part of such a wonderful experience (even if just as a bystander!)  Melissa, Ben, Tom, Peter and all of the rest!

I include this as part of my 100 Days of Me, because it's both inspiring and motivational - if you practice, are dedicated and have self-esteem, great things can happen!

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