Wednesday, January 28, 2015

92 Days - Supporting Artist (The Art Quest, Part III)

Supporting Artist

Today I received two amazing pieces of artwork that I purchased at Grand Prix Denver.  Aaron Miller, a fantasy artist (i.e. Magic cards) was nice enough to paint me two custom pieces of art for my Real Magic Deck of playing cards that I've been working on for a while now (for more details, see some of my previous blog posts).  Normally I ask the artist to do a sketch or quick drawing for the cards, mainly due to their limited time availability at Grand Prix's - a lot of folks want signatures/drawings.

While these cards did cost a bit more than a normal sketch/alter, getting something when the artist really has the time to dedicate to it results in some spectacular results.  When I get pieces like this, it really reinforces to me how important it is to support artist.  Not only do you receive something truly special and unique when you support an artist but you also help them continue to be an artist (which can be a very difficult career).  The next time you see something that really grabs you - be it a custom-made magic card, a photograph, or other art piece that moves you - consider supporting the artist.  A piece of beauty that you can experience for years is certainly worth a couple weeks of Starbucks.

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