Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo 365 - Day 239 (Meeting The Mustache)

Day 238 (February 27th, 2011)
Title: Meeting The Mustache

If you saw my earlier Daily Artist post, you will know that I was lucky enough to meet one of my favorite artist recently, Sergio Aragonés.  He's a great cartoonist (Mad Magazine and Groo), that I've been reading and laughing too for as long as I can remember.  He was one of the guest at this years WonderCon in San Francisco - and was one of the major factors that got me to go!  If you ever get the chance to meet the man (and the mustache), I would highly recommend it.  He is very friendly and nice, and can draw cartoons at the speed of light.

Tech-bits: Being that I'm in this picture, I was unable to control all of the settings - but prop's to Theresa for making sure Sergio was in focus!  I'm out of focus because I didn't step forward a bit to be on the same focal plane as Sergio - So remember kids, when using a wide apature (f/2.0 in this case), make sure all of your elements are on the same focal plane! 


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