Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Artist - Sergio Aragonés

Sergio Aragonés; Cartoonist, Artist, Mustache’r

Sergio is my favorite “comic” style artist.  His work, which spans decades, has always entertained and amused me.  Aragonés is probably most famous for his work on Mad Magazine (from 1962 to today), drawing just about everything you can imagine.  My particular favorite drawings that he does are the “marginals” (small, textless comics that are drawn in the margin of the pages).  These little treasures are little visual jokes, that while simple in meaning are expertly drawn.  Aragonés has been called “The world’s fastest cartoonist” and I believe that’s a title he quite enjoys.  I was honored recently to meet him and I asked him to sign a few books and while talking to me, he completed two cartoons in about 30 seconds.  I’m not even sure if he looked at the paper!  It’s estimated that he has completed over 15,000 cartoons – just for Mad Magazine.  He has also made contributions to many other fields, including: comic books, TV, and movies.

One of the other reasons that I enjoy his work so much is that his personality is really portrayed in his work.  Many of the characters are smiling and enjoying life to the fullest (even if they are in “tricky” situations).  Aragonés appreciation of life and enjoyment of everything that is brings highly motivating and encouraging.  I think this quote is a perfect representation of Aragonés’s mindset and positive attitude:  “I’m thinking and laughing all day long. Every time I think of a joke, I’m also telling myself a new joke. It’s a great way to live.”

If you get the chance, just flip through a Mad Magazine (old or new) and just scan the margins for his little masterpieces – I’m sure you’ll find a little joke (and laugh) waiting for you!  He’s also got one of the greatest mustaches of all time.

Photo by Matt Barton

Sergio Aragonés Homepage

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