Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 126 (Hi Noon)

Day 126 (November 6th, 2010)
Title: Hi Noon

I love that San Francisco has a lot of clock-towers that still work (and have bells that chime) so you know when to get out there and get some grub! Lunch in the City is one of those crazy localized social rituals that is scary to watch but fun to be a part of.  First of all, you have to start the ritual at least two hours before lunch.  That's when one person sends a email/text to 3-4 people asking the "innocent" question of: "What do you guys want to do for lunch?"  Upon receiving this message, the receivers all groan because they know they are about to join the "Lunch In The City" ritual.  Immediately after receiving the communication, one of the receivers sends out a "I don't care, but not pizza [or any other specific cuisine]!" at the exact time that another receiver send "I'm feeling like pizza!" And the fun is just starting!

Moments later: "I don't mind pizza I guess, as long as its veggie only, without cheese and gluten free."

"Uhm, maybe something other than pizza.  How about Mexican?"

"Oh, I had Mexican last week.  Remember the re-fried beans?"



"Too much MSG!"

"Not at Mr. Lees!"

"On 5th?  That's too far!"

"No, that's not Mr. Lees, that Mr. Lu's"

"How about 'Lou's Italian'?"

"I thought we said no pizza?"

"They have lots of non-pizza things there!"

"At Mr. Lees? Its Chinese! They do have noodles!"

"Oh, I forgot that I brought soup today, sorry!"

"So, how about Pizza then?"

Ahh... good times.


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