Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 111 (Spooky Sconce)

Day 111 (October 22nd, 2010)
Title: Spooky Sconce

First of all, this is the first photo that I've taken that I've got to use the word "sconce"!  So, bonus points for me!  This is another shot from The Fat Lady bar, particularly the sconce (twice!) inside by the front door.  I really like this shot, because it really does have a nice "spooky" effect going on, whereas in the bar its more cute than spooky, because the 'fire' is really just some crepe paper blowing up from a small fan (no candle - its just an electric light).  I think the low-lighting really brought out the best in this shot.  I took this using my 50mm f1.4 lens without any flash, just so I could try and get that uber-high contrast feel.  I did very little post-production on this shot.


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