Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mission to Independence!

I’ve decided to take up a photographic challenge!  A friend of mine, Mike T, has been involved with a project called “Photo 365” (aka: Photo-A-Day Challenge), and I thought: “What a better way to celebrate independence and freedom then joining a challenge that will force me to work every single day for the next year!” Oh, irony, how I love thee

The basic premise is: Every day, for the next year, I will post one photo. The photo can be of just about any subject matter and format (B&W, Color, mixed media, photoshopped or not). The reason for this challenge, at least for me, is two-fold. 1) it will motivate me to take photos every day, even when I’m really keen on just hiding under blankets and watching movies on my iPod. 2) I’m hoping that by taking so many pictures on varied subjects that I will become a more skilled photographer.

I will be posting the pictures here, but linking them both to my Facebook and Twitter account, so that way I can infest the “Internets” with more random stuff and add my small piece to the chaos that is the “Information Highway”.

Lastly, I chose July 4th, not just because of the irony, but also because now when I finish in a year and the fireworks are all going off I can say: “That’s all for me! Damn right! Thank you! Thank you everyone!”

Any comments are appreciated and welcomed. Unless you are just going to be mean, in which case, you should just go play in traffic.

Ciao for now.


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