Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo 365 - Day 252 (Juicy Magma)

Day 252 (March 12th, 2011)
Title: Juicy Magma

Watermelon, while quite tasty, isn't very photogenic.  I took about 200 photos of the melon before blending it into YumJuice (TM) (C), but many of the photos were just not that good - and because I'm a "professional" - I totally blame the watermelon.  The external texture/coloring is nice, but nothing amazing (I have one more watermelon photo for tomorrow of the exterior skin), and the inside is basically red.  Nothing really amazing about red.  It's red. Not much to play with when all you have is just red.  And I tried to get some photos with the seeds, thinking they would help with depth and contrast.  I was wrong.  Just red.

I finally got this photo of the "cross-section" of the melon and when I saw it, it reminded me of my old grade-school science books trying to describe the different layers of the Earth.  When I saw this, I though: "Hey, science class would have been more fun with tasty fruit examples!"... So, the next time I teach kids about the Earth's crust and layers, this will be my fruit of choice!


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