Wednesday, February 4, 2015

90 Days - Discovering Artistic Styles - Pin-Up Art

Discovering Artistic Styles
Pin-Up Art

In my continuing effort to learn more about art and its history and styles, I'm going to share some of the things that I have learned about art.  I'm going to start with an artistic style known as pin-up art.  Pin-up art is a literal form of art, in that it is a low-cost, mass produced work that is meant to be "pinned on a wall" for display.  Old advertisements, postcards, paintings, photos, and sketches could all be considered pin-up art.

The most popular pin-up art, starting as far back as the 1880's is pin-up girls.  Usually of famous actresses or other stars of the day (think Marilyn Monroe), they were used to sell just about everything from soap, orange juice, and war bonds.  They were very popular during the 1940's-1960's.  Some of the more popular pin-up girl artist include Alberto Vargas, Rolf Armstrong, and Hajime Sorayama.  You can Google these artist, just be aware, some of the art may be risque and not quite appropriate for work.

In modern times, we now have band and movie posters, show playbills and even fine art calendars.  Remember, no matter the cost of the art, the most important part of art is how it makes you feel.  You might be moved by looking at the Mona Lisa but you could be just as moved as looking at a wonderful, antique postcard that you found at a swap meet.

The next time you see a picture that you like, pin it to the wall!

A Winning Combination
by Rolf Armstrong, 1945

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