Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photo 365 - Day 216 (Dry Branch)

Day 216 (February 4th, 2011)
Title: Dry Branch

With yesterday's photo (Thorns), one of the elements that I really enjoyed about it is that it helps show a concept that I greatly enjoy; all nature is beautiful.  Many times, people will only take (or show) photos of nature that are "beautiful", such as a rose bloom or green leaves on trees but they shy away from other aspects of nature.  I chose both the Thorn photo and today's Dry Branch photo to show that, no matter what the subject matter is, nature can provide beautiful things for us to see and enjoy.  I know for most folks, looking at a giant red rose might be more enjoyable than looking at some dried, brown sticks, but still... Give them a chance, you never know what you might see in them. 

Ps: Yes, I know I have posted photos of said red roses in full bloom - I'm not saying that one shouldn't take those kinds of photo (heck, I love those kinds of photos), I'm just saying enjoy the rest of what's out there as well - both the roses and the sticks!


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