Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo 365 - Day 135 (Geek #4)

Day 135 (November 14th, 2010)
Title: Geek #4

Here we are already at Day 4 of Name That Thing 2!  Yesterday's photo got a lot of responses, but I guess the Geek Level is getting harder, because only one person got the answer dead-on.  There were a few folks who guessed in the 'ballpark', but weren't quite right.  Some of the more interesting answers include:

Alien Probe (of course)
Adapter (vague, and somewhat right, but still only worth 1/2 points)
Play-Doh Machine (amusing, but not really computer related)
Double set of extra eyes for WALL-E (not quite right, but 4 points for imagination!) 
Saddest Harmonica in the World (no.  just no)

The correct answer for yesterday's Name That Thing 2, was: 4-Pin Molex Power Cable!  This is the cable that connects your power supply to all of the "things" in your computer - Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Fans, etc. 

Today's photo is rated Geek Level 4!  I know it's scary and intimidating, but give it your best shot! 

Enjoy! (and its not an Alien Probe!... maybe)


  1. That's the control board where the little creatures inside the computer flip the switches on and off!

  2. Underside of CPU. This one is male.

  3. You were both correct, it is the computers "brain", the CPU (Central Processing Unit, or more commonly named, Microprocessor). Congrats! Eleventeen points for both of ya!